FYI Friday-Where to find great deals on throw pillows and what to look for.

Pillow Talk with TFD Style

Obsession, addiction, it what you will; but folks, I have a problem! A pillow problem to be exact. I love them in a way that I cannot pass them in the store without turning into a crazed woman. No joke. It goes something like this.

I first stand back and do a quick scan of the many rows of pillows. They are standing sideways on the shelves so that I can only get a slight glimpse of what may be. Instantly, a few jump out at me because of their color, pattern, texture or trim. I quick grab those and pull them out just enough to peek at the front. If, at this point, it still holds my interest I decide to risk pulling out the others around it and having them fall on the floor as I remove it from the shelf. My heart stands still for a moment in anticipation, and then, pitter patter, pitter patter. A new love has been born.  

It is after I have fallen in love with said pillow that I realize I have to justify bringing it home. Which room would this work in? The sofas have been full for months...Bedrooms? Office? Dining room? Stools? Surely I can make it work somewhere.  I mean, it meets all three of my pillow buying criteria! Want to know what it is that I look for and where I find the good deals on my throw pillows? Just click on this week's FYI Friday video below for the answers.

Do you have a favorite place that you like to shop for throw pillows?

Tell us about it in the comments. 

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